After feeling as if my life had lost its savor, I dared to season it with adventure on the Appalachian Trail, where serendipity and toil would weave a path of self-discovery, a change of world view, and delightful (and some odd) characters and turns of events.

Step into my boots for 2,167 miles of peaks and valleys—physically, mentally and spiritually—as I hike north from Georgia to Maine.

You’ll find yourself itching to throw on your own boots and hit the Trail... whether your boots are made of leather or long lost goals or new aspirations!
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Official AT2000 Thru-hiker List

Aaron's unique way of expressing his thoughts and feelings along the way is revealing and interesting, as are his hardships and friendships, which remind my of my brother, Earl.

John Shaffer
Secretary & Treasurer of the Earl Shaffer Foundation, Inc.
(Earl Shaffer was the first person to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 1948)

I have read this book and encourage you to read it too. I am amazed at the skills with which Aaron Welch has used to illustrate a point of view that entails his alter ego, Small World. It is amusing, as well as very revealing and challenging all its readers to search their souls to find the need for faith. It is not only interesting, but Aaron sprinkled it with his subtle humor, which made it a delightful read, even if one has never heard of the Appalachian Trail!

Bill Irwin
("The Orient Express" AT GA-ME 1990)
Author, Speaker, First Blind Thru-hiker